About Future Geological Technologies, Inc.


Incorporated in 2016 our roots run much deeper than that. Born from a mud logging company & a need for a mass spectrometer provider, FGT’s history starts in 1990 when the Warren Logging Company (WLC) was created. Around 2001, WLC began assisting with field R&D for Fluid Inclusions Technologies, Inc (FIT) & their development of the DQ1000, a portable direct quadrupole mass spectrometer (DQMS). In 2003 WLC became Warren and Christian, Inc. (W&C) & Crown Geochemistry Inc. was formed as a subsidiary of W&C, Inc. to conduct advanced gas analysis services using mass spec technology. W&C and Crown continued together until 2006 when the companies split, Crown Geochemistry continues to operate through today.

Crown continued to lease DQMS from FIT until 2015 until FIT were purchased by Schlumberger. This put Crown in a tough position as Schlumberger had given no indication, that they planned to continue making this equipment available at the time. Looking to take a slightly modified, off the shelf mass spec and combine our proprietary hardware and software to make it oilfield appropriate, the Prospector MS that is used today & Future Geological Technologies Inc. was born.

FGT’s success in the advanced gas analytics field is not only due to the many years and thousands of wells analyzed but the great deal of attention given to the quality control.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide top of the line direct quadrupole mass spectrometers combined with 30+ years of gas collecting experience for all types of drilling rigs.

Our Team

Jim Soule – President
Jim received his Bachelor of Science degree from Ferris State University (Michigan) in Automotive Management. 1976-1980
Starting out in 1980 as equipment manager for a major truck leasing company, he gained experience in capital purchase as well as warranty and policy adjustment with major OEM’s.
Staying with the truck leasing business in 1986, he accepted a position as Lease Account Manager for commercial truck, tractor, and trailer leasing.

In 1991 Jim left the truck leasing business for a career in the industrial automation field. After several years as a sales account rep, he started his own company which designed, built, and marketed industrial automated assembly and inspection equipment to the automotive and furniture business. With the collapse of the automotive industry in 2007, Jim came to western Oklahoma to join Crown Geochemistry as the operations manager and currently is Vice President at Crown.

Bruce Warren – Vice President
After a hitch in the US Army and studies at Chico State Univ., Bruce began his career in oil and gas exploration in 1981, moving to western Oklahoma, as a data technician. By the mid-eighties, Bruce was an independent mudlogger and formed Warren Logging Company in 1990. Subsequently becoming Warren and Christian, Inc. & Crown Geochemistry, Inc in 2003, that company grew to become western Oklahoma’s largest mudlogging services provider in the early 2000’s.  In 2006 Bruce split with W&C & the rest is history.
Wes Forbes – Operations Manager
Studying chemistry at Southwestern Oklahoma State University from 1997-2002, Wes began his oilfield career in 2002 working as a laboratory technician for an oilfield chemical production company.  Starting in early 2003 he went to work as a Mudlogger for Warren Logging using the DQ1000 mass spectrometer.  Staying on with Warren & Christian, Inc. in the 2006 split from Crown Geochemistry as operations manager he continued his carrerr in the mudlogging industry until returning to Future Geological Technologies,Inc.  in July of 2022