Modern quadrupole MASS SPECTROMETER specialized for Oil & Gas Exploration

This premier portable DQMS mass spectrometer for wellsite use is fully deployable for real-time mudlogging applications. This is a direct quadrupole mass spectrometer gas analyzer providing broad spectrum analysis for gas species having molecular weights between AMU2 and AMU150.  Manufactured by Inficon, the Prospector gives an approximate PPM reading for every volatile gas species (whether hydrocarbon or not) between Hydrogen and Decane (C10).

Flexible rig up options include integration with existing mudlogging operations, or it can be operated independently.  The mass spectrometer uses standard gas instrument sampling equipment. The system is virtually ‘plug and play’, requiring only WITS, a gas sample, and 2-way LAN access. Auxiliary monitors may be plugged in, such as independent temperature, H2S, and/or CO monitors.  Outputs include direct WITS output, local and online real time graphic monitors, and digital LAS export files. Error condition alerts immediately notify operators if something needs addressed. The mass spectrometer periodically self-calibrates automatically using atmospheric gas references.

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