Advanced Mass Spectrometry Instruments


  • All species are read on a linear scale – even if any are at notably different abundances
  • May assist with lateral steering by detecting and characterizing components in order to identify lithologic/stratagraphic units
  • Track changes in the reservoir fluid profile including GOR changes and “sweet spots” of improved Oil/Gas contribution
  • Indicate relatively hydrocarbon depleted or residual intervals
  • Assist with identifying Gas/Oil/Water contacts and transitions
  • Monitor for relative Hydrogen increases which can directly indicate bit wear and motor failure
  • Distinctly indicate onset and base of pay sections in vertical wells
  • Identify limits for fluid compartments and vertical charge units which can then be used to map and characterize composition changes
  • Assists with directly indicating water saturation increases
  • Comparisons between Helium and/or Argon to Methane can directly indicate porosity and permeability profile changes
  • Geolocate producible H2S sources in both lateral and vertical wells
  • No calibration gases needed. Atmospheric Nitrogen, Oxygen, & Argon are used in the process.
  • Integration with existing mudlogging operations, or it can be operated independently.
  • Plug & Play, requiring only WITS & a gas sample
  • Outputs include direct WITS output, local & online real time graphic moitors with digital LAS export files.
  • Help with identifying faults & fractures

(Alkane and Cycloalkane)

Methane (C1) thru Decane (C10)





Acetic Acid


Sulfur Monoxide (SO)

Slufur Dioxide (SO2)

Carbon Disulfide (CS2)

Hydron Sulfide (H2S)


Helium (He)

Hydrogen (H2)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Nitrogen (N2)

Oxygen (O2)

Argon (Ar)


A Technical Drawing of a Blue Inficon FGT Analyzer With Dimensions
Mass rangeAMU 2 – 150
Peak width @ 10% peak maximum<1 AMU
Detector typeFaraday Cup/Electron Multiplier
Response time<1 second
Sample inlet connection1/4” quick connect fitting
Sample pressure15 psia (1 atm)
Detection limit<1 ppm
Maximum data rate1.8ms per point (555 data points per second)
PC interfaceCAT5e Ethernet cable (RJ45)
Standard I/OTwo analog inputs, two digital inputs, three digital outputs – 24V @ 0.5A
Dimensions (L x W x H)56 x 43.2 x 27.1 cm (22 x 17 x 10.7 in)
Environmental conditions5 – 35°C up to 85% RH non-condensing
Power input110 – 230 V (ac)